Love is a romance-based program broadcasting on the ABS-CBN, which tells stories of different love every year with new rooms or joints and it is a little fascinating, in its year 2006 And the first part happened in the month of July. As associations; The weather one wanted my boy and my girl, Mr. perfect, charm and crystal; season two; home switch home, pasko Na and Santa ko, line to heaven; season three; click na click, shoes kopo, shoes ko day, barbi- cute; season four; sweet sixty, ellay enchanted, my soulfone; season five; bumalaka, bulalakaw, boom, hairy harry, Cindy rella; and season six; face shop, elevator, the bet, play boy, credit card, magic trick, bato, lies, double, taxi, game, all these were the seasons of the love story.

Love spells

Love spells

Serial of love
In the year 2007, this serial was awarded by the PMPC star awards for the best weekly day time drama series. There was seventy five episodes were directed in the year of 2008, in month of 6 January and the country of origin was Philippines. For instance the first episodes was like; my boy, my girl; where in this episode or in this story a girl named as Stephanie who always used to be the center of attention, with busy parents and a brother which is the apple of every one’s eye. Stephanie falls into the group of mean girls of Rea but always popularity comes with a price and in order for her to belong into the crowd. A student named as Simon the perfect boy and as soon he becomes head over heels in love with Stephanie but when her ex-best friend got know about the truth, than Simon curses Stephanie because of her cruelty and when next day Stephanie wake up she find something weird. A person will manong who is well known albularyo will be able to help Stephanie out of her dilemma?

Story of love
The another story was Mr. perfect who was starring Anne Curtis, ZanjoeMarudo, Rico Barrera, Franzen Fajardo, Matt Evans, olynmembian and ms. Gina Pareno. This story was a confusing tale of Anne who was an art gallery owner and who was an ideal when it comes to matters of the heart and after some time she meets franzen who was a canteen employee, he hopes that some day the artist may see him in a different way and his wish was fulfilled when his brother experiment love potion accidently which gets into Anne rowan hands. Each time she drinks the gayuma, Anne could see is Franzen, who transforms into Franco (Zanjoe), the man of her dreams. Everyone around him cannot understand what he saw in a strange scissor boy hanging on his eyes. How long can Frances stop it? If he is truthful, will he still do it? There is a doubt in all episodes.

Last episode of love
The last episodes of the love stories was taxi where, a person name IyaVillania plays a smart women who is a party girl and in the last episode named game where two person playing their major was john prates and Erich Gonzales, where john prates plays a video game addict, a game lover or a game-holic person who loves to play only game.

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